Starting a new Brand

It’s a life changing path

Starting a new brand is not for everyone. You must be able to live on the edge, take risks and be strong enough to fail. If you fail, this doesn’t mean you will never succeed again. Many of the world’s greatest brands have been the result of failure upon failure. But, as every dedicated entrepreneur knows, “Fortune favors the brave.” 

 Starting a new brand is the most exhilarating endeavor a person can undertake, because it’s possible to project ones whole identity and soul into the unknown. Being true to your vision is a way to achieve a kind of immortality. This is your chance to contribute something of quality and to leave something of worth behind. Your passion will inspire future generations, and that’s what success is all about. 

Milano Tall Boots

Made to measures

Designed for the rider looking for a performance boot with definitive fashion edge while keeping form & fashion in mind. The Milano Signature allows for close contact with the horse and is assembled with soft calf leather of premium quality. 

Our Milano made to measures tall boot model was the first product we introduce when launching the Dardant Brand. We received praise and interest from the equestrian community for the bold fashion design, the quality of workmanship and the pursuit of excellence in choosing the best European calf leather available. 

To this day, our boots have been shipped to over 12 countries in the world and we are pursuing our growth with the new Flaship Stores coming in 2018.                              

Haute Couture with flair

Equestrian Luxury for Everyone

The Dardant Haute Couture Equestrian Fashion Line is the epitome of  beauty. Every jacket, jodhpurs are unique. Crafted with the best technical & luxurious fabrics, assembled with your personal measurments, they insure a perfect fit that will last for years.